Guards & Luggage Van

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Steam locomotive NS 8107 of the Dutch Railways

The roof can be taken of. The van can contain the PU Hub (88009) or the PF Battery Box (88000 or 8878). The PU Hub or PF batterybox is not included.

HistoryThis freight train luggage van (Dg in short) was used widely in the fifties of the last century. At the rear end of every freight train this Dg could be seen. In the Dg a guard was seated doing administrations and keeping an eye on both sides of the train. For this purpose the guard made use of oblique placed mirrors. In the Dg also danger signals (red flag, yellow flag, detonating signal) were present to mark the train in case of accidents like derailment or when part of the train snaps off. In total 280 DG’s were built between 1954 and 1958. In the sixties most of the Dg’s were taken out of service. This was caused among others by the rapid fall off coal transport, which on its turn was caused by the wide spread use of natural gas to heat houses and for cooking purposes in the sixties in the Netherlands. At this moment only 11 Dg’s are left. Most of them are owned by local museum railway lines.

Type of track: RC, 9V, 12V
Dimensions (L x D x H): 15,6 x 6,4 x 9,8 cm / 6.1 x 2.6 x 3.9 inch
Number of Parts: 246 + 6 stickers
Includes: Stickered box, Building instruction, List of parts, Stickers
Optional: -
Type of instructions: CD
Gross weight complete set: 277 gram / 9.8 ounce