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Diesel shunting engine of the Dutch Railways for Powered Up.

These engines were build in the late 40th and early 50th as a follow up of the end of WW II used engines that came with the British troops. Based on a design from the London Midland and Scottish Railway in the 30th. First as series 500, later, with airbrake, as series 600. And in the mid 50th a small series 700 with a different motor. They were mainly used as shunting engine. With 400 HP from 2 motors they had a lot more power then the small NS 'Sik' from the 30th with between 30 and 70 HP.
Still some of the engines are used for small shunting jobs (often in other colours) and nearly all Dutch historic railway lines and the Dutch Railway Museum have one or more in their collection.

The model is designed for the new RC Powered Up system and is, including couplings, 20 studs long and 7 studs wide. It is a 3-axle engine, all wheels connected with rods. Big Ben Bricks wheels are used, since Lego ® doesn't produce the correct type. The red custom rods are 3D printed.
For traction the Lego ® WeDo 2.0 medium motor is used. That gives the engine an slow speed, very suitable for shunting purposes. Be aware that these motors have to be modified internally if you (also) want to use them with the remote control (instead of a mobile or tablet). If you order a '500/600 Powered Up' set in our store, this modification is already done.

Optional is a real blinking light on top that uses the second channel of the battery box. This light also indicates if the battery box is 'on' or 'off'. The colour of the choosen channel can be seen through the grill of the engine.
Also optional is a 500/600 Powered Up Motorset .

Included are printed bricks 2 different engine numbers (605 and 647). All parts are brand new. You can also buy just the building instructions, which includes a list of parts, the stickers and the 2 custom red rods. The 6 wheels are optional.

You need a 9V PU battery box to build the engine or replace the battery box by bricks.

Type of power / track: Powered Up / RC
Dimensions (L x D x H): 16 x 6,5 x 8 cm / 16.3 x 2.6 x 3.2 inch
Number of Parts: 338
Includes: Building instruction, List of parts, Printed Bricks
Optional: Blinking Light, NS 500/600 Powered Up Motorset
Type of instructions: Printed
Gross weight complete set: 330 gram / 11.7 ounce
Remarks: If you want to use a WeDo® motor of your own, be aware that it needs modification for use with the Powered Up remote control unit.