Blokbricks is a Dutch internet shop run by an enthusiastic fan of Lego ®, and especially Lego Technic, Lego Dacta and Lego Train. Its intention is to make supplementary models for other fans. Models which can enlarge your fun with Lego.

Number of sets
The number of sets per model is limited and depends on whether parts are available and affordable. 

If not otherwise mentioned, only original Lego parts are used in new or at least good conditions. Because some parts (especially some Technic parts) are no longer produced by Lego, these will be mostly used. The pneumatic hoses I offer are no original Lego hoses, but meet all their qualifications. All unique models are delivered in accompanying sealed boxes with a colourfull building instruction. BrickExpress instructions are on CD. All boxes are weighted to check for missing items. If still an item is missing, it will be sent forward for free. All original Lego sets are sealed in box.

Coming years
Our aim is to develop several models a year. At this moment I'm working on a turntable for 9V track, lights for the signal posts and some new train models.

If you have any suggestions for new models or questions about models or parts, just contact us at info@blokbricks.com

Lego ® is a registered trademark of the Lego Company. This website and its owner are fully independent from the Lego Company, but would like to promote the use of Lego for both children and adults as a building toy.